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The following boxes help you select the remedy which is most appropriate for you. You can check as many or as few as you feel applicable, though we recommend that you try to limit the selection to a maximum of the 7 most appropriate.

Think about all of the questions thoroughly, the more specific you are the better your remedy will be.

The Bach Remedy Chooser will analyse your responses and compose a suitable flower remedy for you. At the end you can either print your remedy, add them to your cart as a personalised blend or cream, or start over again.

Your Fears
Have experienced terror, been frozen in fear and feel helpless
Have a fear rooted in known causes eg. spiders, flying, etc.
Fear losing control of your behavior
Have unexplained fears and worries, are nervous and anxious
Are over-anxious or over concerned for others

Your Sensitivity
Put on a cheerful face to hide problems
Have difficulty in saying no and are anxious to please
Face major life changes and are in need of protection
Have feelings of extreme jealousy, are envious and suspicious

Your Decisiveness
Doubt your own ability to judge situations
Suffer from indecision
Are easily discouraged, hesitant and despondent
Feel hopelessness and despair and are pessimistic
Get the "Monday morning" feeling
Uncertain to the correct path in life. Unhappy with current lifestyle

Your Concern for others
Are overly possessive and expect others to conform to your values
Are over enthusiastic, argumentative with fixed principles/ideas
Strong willed with a tendency to be domineering and inflexible
Are critical and intolerant of others
Are inflexible, setting yourself very high standards
Your Attention
Day-dream and generally have a lack of interest in the present
Live in the past, feel homesick or nostalgic
Make little effort to improve situations
Feel exhausted in body and mind
Have unwanted thoughts, preoccupations and worries
Experience unexplained deep gloom
Fail to learn from experience, repeating the same mistakes

Your Loneliness
Prefer to be alone or are proud and aloof
Are impatient and easily irritated
Feel self absorbed, dislike being alone, are excessively talkative

Your Mental Attitude
Lack self-confidence and feel inferior
Feel full of guilt and blame yourself for other peoples mistakes
Are overwhelmed or burdened and despondent
Are at the limits of endurance and in deep despair
Have experienced shock, grief or fright
Are resentful and have feelings of self-pity, 'poor me'
Are driven by a strong sense of duty, and struggle on exhausted
Have a poor self image, ashamed of yourself physically