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Bach 10ml Flower Remedies

Bach Agrimony 10ml
Bach Aspen 10ml
Bach Beech 10ml
Bach Centaury 10ml
Bach Cerato 10ml
Bach Cherry Plum 10ml
Bach Chestnut Bud 10ml
Bach Chicory 10ml
Bach Clematis 10ml
Bach Crab Apple 10ml
Bach Elm 10ml
Bach Gentian 10ml
Bach Gorse 10ml
Bach Heather 10ml
Bach Holly 10ml
Bach Honeysuckle 10ml
Bach Hornbeam 10ml
Bach Impatiens 10ml
Bach Larch 10ml
Bach Mimulus 10ml
Bach Mustard 10ml
Bach Oak 10ml
Bach Olive 10ml
Bach Pine 10ml
Bach Red Chestnut 10ml
Bach Rock Rose 10ml
Bach Rock Water 10ml
Bach Scleranthus 10ml
Bach Star of Bethlehem 10ml
Bach Sweet Chestnut 10ml
Bach Vervain 10ml
Bach Vine 10ml
Bach Walnut 10ml
Bach Water Violet 10ml
Bach White Chestnut 10ml
Bach Wild Oat 10ml
Bach Wild Rose 10ml
Bach Willow 10ml


Bach 20ml Flower Remedies

Original Bach Aspen 20ml
Original Bach Beech 20ml
Original Bach Centaury 20ml
Original Bach Cerato 20ml
Original Bach Cherry Plum 20ml
Original Bach Chestnut Bud 20ml
Original Bach Chicory 20ml
Original Bach Clematis 20ml
Original Bach Crab Apple 20ml
Original Bach Elm 20ml
Original Bach Gentian 20ml
Original Bach Gorse 20ml
Original Bach Heather 20ml
Original Bach Holly 20ml
Original Bach Honeysuckle 20ml
Original Bach Hornbeam 20ml
Original Bach Impatiens 20ml
Original Bach Larch 20ml
Original Bach Mimulus 20ml
Original Bach Mustard 20ml
Original Bach Oak 20ml
Original Bach Olive 20ml
Original Bach Pine 20ml
Original Bach Red Chestnut 20ml
Original Bach Rock Rose 20ml
Original Bach Rock Water 20ml
Original Bach Scleranthus 20ml
Original Bach Star of Bethlehem 20ml
Original Bach Sweet Chestnut 20ml
Original Bach Vervain 20ml
Original Bach Vine 20ml
Original Bach Walnut 20ml
Original Bach Water Violet 20ml
Original Bach White Chestnut 20ml
Original Bach Wild Oat 20ml
Original Bach Wild Rose 20ml
Original Bach Willow 20ml


Bach Complete Sets

Bach 10ml Canvas Wallet Set
Bach 20ml Leather Wallet Set
Bach Original Complete Set
Bach Travel Kit

Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy 10ml
Bach Rescue Remdey 20ml
Bach Rescue Remedy Spray 7ml
Bach Rescue Remedy Spray 20ml
Bach Rescue Cream 30g
Bach Rescue Cream 50g
Bach Rescue Pastilles Original
Bach Rescue Pastilles Blackcurrant
Bach Rescue Chewing Gum
Bach Rescue Balm

Bach Emergency Shot

Rescue Night

Bach Rescue Night 10ml Drops
Bach Rescue Night Spray 20ml
Bach Rescue Night Melts

Bach GoodNight Balm 15ml
Bach GoodNight Pillow Spray 100ml


Personalised Online Bach

Bach Personalised Drops 30ml
Bach Personalised Drops 50ml
Bach Personalised Spray 20ml
Bach Personalised Cream 60g

Bach Room Spray

Bach GoodNight Pillow Spray
Bach Flight & Travel Spray
Bach Grounding Room Spray
Bach Clearing Room Spray
Bach Inner Belief Room Spray
Bach Room Spray Triple Pack

Bach Mixing Bottles

Bach Mixing Bottle with Atomiser
Bach Mixing Bottle Unbranded
Bach Original Mixing Bottle

Bach Skin Care

Lavender Nights Body Scrub
Lavender Nights Bathing Milk
Lavender Nights Sleep Bath Soak
Lavender Nights Bath Wash Gel
Lavender Nights Body Butter


Our Newsletter

Bach Original Flower Remedies personalisedWe are Personalising Remedies

The Bach Original Flower Remedies are a wonderfully natural way of managing your emotions, being yourself, relaxed, fulfilled and natural.

Sometimes, it can be a little daunting, selecting which remedies are for you, blending and dosing, that is why online we offer a personalised remedy service. If you know the Bach Flower Remedies which are for you, simply visit our "Personalised Remedy" section, where you can enter your remedies into the website and have them blended into a Spray, Cream, Blend or Concentrate.

Using the Remedy Chooser

If you do not know which remedy is best for you, then use our Remedy Chooser. The Remedy Chooser asks you to enter the emotions you are feeling in a simple one page format. Once you have completed this, based upon your responses it will design the correct Remedy for you. Sometimes you will obviously be feeling a mix of emotions and the Remedy Chooser will attempt to blend a remedy to deal with your strongest emotions. Once you feel you have dealt with these emotions, then come back and blend a new remedy if you still feel you have on-going issues. For example in times of splitting up with a partner, you immediate situation may require that you deal with your anger, but once you have gotten over this emotion, you may have a feeling of loneliness or fear of the future and this is where the personalised remedies can help you, being blended for the situations you face, rather than general situations which are generic to everyone.

You can have the remedies created for you in a 60ml Cream (which as well as being an ideal way to administer the remedies, is a lovely natural cream which moisturise's effectively your skin), 20ml Spray, 30ml Blend or a 50ml Concentrate.