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Bach Flower Remdies 20ml

Bach Room Sprays


Our Bach Room Sprays are produced by combining the Bach Flower Remedies and Organic Essential Oils, combining the emotional and clearing properties of Bach Flower Remedies, with the therapeutic properties of Aromatherapy Essential Oils, which also add a beautifully natural scent to your room.

Our Bach Good Night Room & Pillow Spray is ideal for bedtime, simply spray on your pillow, linen or bed clothes and enjoy the relaxing scent of English Organic Lavender from our own fields with the relaxing and mind clearing properties of Bach Flower Remedies. Safe for use by the entire family.


Help Choosing Your Remedies

  Do you need help selecting your Original Bach Flower Remedies, then take a look at our Bach RemedyChooser. Simply enter your emotions into the RemedyChooser and the chooser will advise you on the best Bach Flower Remedies for you. Click here for the RemedyChooser.  




Using the Bach Room Sprays


You can combine our room sprays or use individually., simply spray into the atmosphere on entering a room, space or car to clear the area and top up as necessary.

Environmentally friendly packaging


Our room sprays are beautifully packaged in a 100ml Aluminium bottle with Spray. The aluminium bottle is 100% recyclable and lightweight to help reduce impact on the environment and be convenient in use.