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Bach Flower Remdies 20ml

Rescue® Remedy


RESCUE Remedy® is perfect for those everyday stressful moments as well as life-changing events. Sometimes it's the little things like sitting in traffic when you know you're late, or people interrupt you when you're trying to meet a deadline, or the kids screaming when all you really need to do is get some milk from the supermarket - reach for RESCUE Remedy®  to help you get on with what you need to.

RESCUE Remedy® is safe, easy for all the family to use and comes in a number of different convenient formats: 


The types of Rescue®

Rescue Remedy Dropper


The traditional dropper bottle is perfect to keep at   home in your first aid cabinet or in your desk drawer at work so RESCUE Remedy is to hand when you need it. It's also ideal for dropping RESCUE Remedy into your pets' water bowl.

Directions: Drop four drops directly onto the tongue or into a glass of water and sip at intervals. Always read the label.

The dropper is avaiable in two sizes: 10ml and 20ml

Rescue Remedy Spray


The RESCUE Remedy ® spray is convenient,  portable and discrete enough to use anywhere to restore your inner calm.

Directions: Two sprays directly on the tongue will help you relax when you need a little extra support. Always read the label.

The spray bottle is available in two sizes: 7ml and 20ml

Rescue Remedy Kids

RESCUE Remedy® drops for Children

Rescue Remedy® can help to restore inner calm. Rescue Remedy drops are safe and gentle and suitable for your whole family

Growing up is full of ups and downs and some  parts of your child's life may be more stressful than others. RESCUE Remedy® may help them cope with everyday stressful situations such as exams and life events such as the loss of a favourite family pet.

A few drops can simply be added to a drink (if you're worried about alcohol content, a hot drink will evaporate this). 

Rescue Remedy for Pets

RESCUE Remedy® drops for Pets

RESCUE Remedy® can help to restore inner calm. Rescue Remedy drops are safe and gentle and suitable for your whole family.

Animals have emotions too and sometimes they can feel anxious. The first thing to do is make an appointment to see your vet even if you can't see anything physically wrong as sometimes changes in behaviour are the first symptoms of a problem that may require medical treatment. Once they have the all-clear you may find RESCUE Remedy® helps your pet cope with being separated from you, travelling in the car, bonfire night or a trip to the vet more easily.

A few drops can simply be added to their water bowl or on their food, do not try to administer RESCUE Remedy® directly into your pet's mouth.

Important: Before giving anything to your pet, no matter how natural, always consult your vet.

(Always read the label.)


Help Choosing Your Remedies

  Do you need help selecting your Original Bach Flower Remedies, then take a look at our Bach RemedyChooser. Simply enter your emotions into the RemedyChooser and the chooser will advise you on the best Bach Flower Remedies for you. Click here for the RemedyChooser.  

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What the Experts say about RESCUE®


John Davies, Consultant Psychotherapist says: "Going on holiday can be really stressful, what with finishing everything at work, deciding what to pack and the thought of long delays at the airport. Add to that the very real fear of flying and it can leave you feeling very anxious. I always recommend people try Rescue as it really can calm you down and make everything seem OK."

UK Rescue_expert Liz Tucker white backgroundLiz Tucker, TV Stress Expert says: "When you are stressed out, even simple tasks can push you to your limit. We all need a system in place to help protect us from the harmful effects of stress."

"We all need a system in place to help protect us from the harmful effects of stress."

Carly Harding, Registered Bach Practitioner: "For millions of people worldwide, Rescue Remedy has become an emotional ally - restoring a sense of inner calm when everything seems to be toppling down around them."

Shakila Sanderson, Freelance Wedding Organiser and Events Manager admits: "I always keep a bottle of Rescue in my handbag - it's a life saver and really helps me stay sane when things start to get frantic. It's also essential for calming the nerves of my stressed out brides!"

Sarah-Jane Atwood is the founder of her own Management Consultancy. A 37 year-old mother of two young children, she manages to combine her active lifestyle with the demands of a successful agency. Sarah-Jane explains: "I always keep a bottle of Rescue in my desk drawer for those moments when I need a little extra help. On days when I know I've got lots on, I'll put a few drops in a glass of water to sip through the day."

Need help in Choosing the Correct Bach Flower Remedies for you?


If you are new to the Bach Flower Remedies, then it can be a little daunting selecting the correct Bach Flower Remedies for you. This is why we have created the RemedyChooser online.


The Remedy ChooserThe remedy chooser allows you to personalise the Bach Flower Remedies for your situation, it is free to use and available online.

Simply click all the relevant boxes to your situation and select "build me a remedy" and your remedy will be created.

Print the Remedy

You can print the remedy formula off, to create with your own Bach Flower Remedies.

Buy your personalised blend

You can purchase your personalised blend online. Simply click on one of the options (Personalised Spray, Blend, Concentrate or Cream) once your remedy has been made and it will be automatically added to your cart with your bespoke ingredients, where we will hand blend your remedy and send it to you.

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